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ESD Protective Measures

ESD Protective Measures

WARNING: Opening any electronic device for any reason including positioning of jumpers can cause damage or destruction of the device if proper ESD handling procedures are not followed!

WARNING: Always remove power from device before opening it! This is for the protection of the device. You will not be harmed by the low voltage present, but you may cause damage or destruction of the device by opening it with power connected.

Recommended Procedure

You should be working at an ESD safe workstation that includes grounded static mat and grounded wrist strap, and you should be wearing the wrist strap connected to the grounded static mat while opening and working with the opened device. For field service purposes, a portable static mat and wrist strap are available at this link:

Emergency Backup Plan:

Follow this practice if you do not have proper ESD equipment on hand but must open the device anyway. Find something that is a solid ground like metal water pipe or grounded metal electrical conduit. Touch ground to discharge static on your body before touching the internal parts of the device. Ideally you should connect a ground wire to the GND terminal of the device and make simultaneous contact between the GND terminal, yourself, and the source of earth ground. Make certain no power is connected to the device while grounding it, opening it, or working with it. If you set the device down, be sure to repeat the discharge of static on your body before touching the device again.

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