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Restoring default (blank) configuration

You may restore your server type device (e.g. Babel Buster, AddMe Jr, etc) by simply deleting the BootConfig.xml file and restarting the device. It will automatically create a default, largely blank, configuration file on its own.

The only caveat is that the name of the current boot file must be BootConfig.xml. If it is any other name, the default file will not be created.

The following is what your Config File page should be showing if you are ready to simply delete the BootConfig.xml file and restart:

If the “Boot configuration” window does not show BootConfig.xml, then you must change the boot file. If you have already deleted that file from the available file list, then you first need to create such a file. The device attempts to make sure you are providing a valid file by requiring that the file exists before selecting it as the boot file. Entering a name in the Boot configuration window will not register that file. You must click the Boot button.

To create a “dummy” BootConfig.xml file, use whatever configuration is already loaded into your device. Check “Create new file”, enter the name “BootConfig.xml” (case sensitive), and click Save.

Now select BootConfig.xml from the file list, and click the Boot button.

After clicking the Boot button, BootConfig.xml should show up in the “Boot configuration” window. Now delete BootConfig.xml from the file list.

Once BootConfig.xml is deleted, any available file name will show up in the “Local file directory” window. Don’t worry about that. As long as there is no BootConfig.xml in the file list, but BootConfig.xml does show in the “Boot configuration” window, you are ready to restart the device.

Upon restart, a new BootConfig.xml will appear in the Local file directory window, and your device will now be operating from this default, largely blank, configuration.


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