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How to open AddMe III enclosure

Opening the AddMe III

WARNING: Opening any electronic device for any reason including positioning of jumpers can cause damage or destruction of the device if proper ESD handling procedures are not followed! Refer to article on ESD Protective Measures regarding proper handling.

WARNING: Always remove power from device before opening it! This is for the protection of the device. You will not be harmed by the low voltage present, but you may cause damage or destruction of the device by opening it with power connected.

Use a very small screw driver to slide the cover over the black tabs located one on each end of the enclosure. The cover is attached to the base with a flat flex cable. Pulling on the cover may loosen or dislodge the cable. If cable comes out of place, follow the instructions below to re-attach.

The photo below has the cover positioned for purposes of this photograph. It is not recommended to place the cover in this position. It is a good idea to not subject the flat cable to twists. When accessing the INIT jumper, move the cover to the left (assuming RJ-45 connector is on your right) and keep the flat cable aligned.

These instructions apply to the connector at each end of the cable. The end on the base board is illustrated in the photos below. To attach the cable, first open the lock on the connector. Do this by gently pulling up on the tabs at both ends of the connector. There is only about 1mm of movement between locked and unlocked. Insert the flat cable with conductor side away from relays. (Insert flat cable with conductor side toward circuit board on front panel.) Push the lock closed by applying pressure evenly on both tabs at ends of the connector.

Left:Flat cable as it appears out of connector.

Bottom left:Cable inserted, lock open.

Bottom right:Cable inserted, lock closed.

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